Our Poise

It is our aim to intensify evangelism at the local parish using various means of evangelisation such as outreach programs during special holidays, crusades and community contribution to demonstrate Christ love. Wouldn’t you like to shine as stars forever and ever? Daniel 12:3

There is no alternative to maintaining the esteemed standard of ‘old-time religion’. We must be totally obedient to follow Christ implicitly without reservations. This starts from the Pastors as relates to integrity in ministry, manners of conduct, maturity, marriage, money, morality, being well informed. These attributes have to be assimilated first by the leaders then imparted on the followers. Are you a model of integrity? Proverbs. 22:28, Isaiah. 35:8

We face the challenge of integrating our African inclination into the acceptable American values with a view of not limiting fellowship to Africans. The African Christian attributes we hold strongly are holiness, prayerfulness, strong faith, deepness of worship and hand of fellowship, while American virtues include effective time management, community service and strategic planning. ” … with all thy getting get understanding” Proverbs. 4:7

Are you getting the principal thing?

Most of us have vivid memories of the miracles that abound during Holy-Ghost services and annual national Holy-Ghost congress back in Lagos, Nigeria. The Lord can surely bring the same level of revival to the United Kingdom and especially Christ for Life Parish Manchester; how prepared are you for this?

The great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is that we should go into the world and propagate the Gospel. Today, in furtherance of this mandate, The Redeemed Christian Church of God worldwide established over 650 parishes since it started in the United Kingdom. What is your contribution towards this goal?